demon__kitty (demon__kitty) wrote in electro_gfx,


Well I was told to write an application so here

Name: Jennifer
Graphics Programs you use: MS paint
How long have you used GfX?
What do you make? Usaly Avatars , but I am willing to try new things
Are you will to take requests? ya If Yes, for what kind of GfX?avatars
Will be active in the community? yup ^ ^ on nevery night
You must post 3 examples of your work: I have posted the already
Make an icon with your picture for the userinfo:Upon posting this application, we the MODS, Mysti misteashinra OR CT jutecat will ask you to create something and show it. We have to make sure your skills are true.</i>
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Ok...make an icon out of this pic with text saying "Playful"

Alright ^ ^ here it is

<*lj-cut text="Playful"*><*/lj-cut*>